Role of Surgical Instrument Technician in a Surgery or Operation – Part 1

Surgical Instrument Technician in a Surgery or Operation

In order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of a surgical team throughout a surgery, a surgical instrument technician, sometimes referred to as a surgical technologist or operating room technician, plays a crucial role.

These knowledgeable professionals serve a critical role in the operation theatre, collaborating closely with the surgeons, nurses, and other members of the surgical team to guarantee that all required surgical tools and equipment are ready, sterile, and accessible for usage.

Here, we’ll examine the important duties and contributions made by surgical instrument technicians during an operation or medical procedure.

1. Instrument Preparation/Sterilization: A surgical instrument technician’s primary duty is to prepare and sterilize surgical instruments and equipment. Instruments are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and sterilized while adhering to stringent infection control procedures. This includes cleaning the instruments, putting the instrument trays together, and preparing them for sterilization. They make sure that all equipment is in good working order, is in good repair, and is prepared for use during the surgical process.

2. Anticipating Surgeon’s Needs: During a surgery, surgical instrument technicians are in charge of foreseeing the demands of the surgical team. They make sure that the operating area has all of the required tools, materials, and equipment and that they are arranged neatly. To ascertain the precise tools and equipment needed for each surgery, they consult the surgical schedule, work with the circulating nurse, and consult the surgeon.

3. Instrument Set-up and Organization: Prior to the start of a surgical operation, the instrument technician prepares the operating room and arranges the surgical instruments in the manner preferred by the surgeon. They position the instruments on the Mayo stand or back table so that the surgeon and other surgical team members may easily access them. Additionally, they set up any extra tools required for the treatment, such as suction devices, electrocautery units, and endoscopic instruments.

4. Instrument Handling and Passing: The surgical instrument technician aids the surgical team by handling and passing supplies and instruments to the surgeon and other team members during the surgical process. They must be knowledgeable about the different surgical instruments’ names, uses, and functions in order to recognize them quickly and transfer them to the surgeon. They collaborate closely with the circulating nurse to guarantee that all tools and supplies are available during the surgery.  (continued…)

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