About Us

History/ Who we are today

Rigor is a second-generation surgical instruments manufacturing company.  The owners Mr Bhutta and Mr Bhatti started in 1985 as sub-contractors for some reputable factories in Sialkot. They started working as laborers and were involved in making instruments for some leading brands across the globe. The quality we produce at Rigor is solely because of our vast hands-on experience in manufacturing. Due to our exquisite quality and competitive pricing, we have experienced major increase in demand over the last decade.

Current Facility

As best surgical instruments company in Pakistan, Rigor Instruments currently operates from Sialkot Pakistan. The current facility is around 30000 square feet of combined office space and factory. Rigor believes in inhouse production of most phases of product development and manufacturing. Starting from buying the steel to laser cutting, heating, grinding, shot blasting, molding, edging, fastening screws, adjustment and inspection. Rigor is proud to have established most of the processes at its own factory. The company also has professional office staff including sales professionals, designers, accountants, and production managers.

Factory And Units

Why Rigor - Best Surgical Instruments Company Pakistan

Rigor believes in few core principles set by our directors. First “customer is always right” We make our customer comfortable at first and execute a custom plan to fulfill the orders . We engage at our director level with each customer and try to give professional service from placing the order to delivery of goods.  Rigor is equipped to cater its policy “No order is small.” We have developed a mechanism where we operate both handmade and with CNC machines. Our team decides according to the quantities and specifications and by looking at the lead time how to approach orders of smaller quantities and larger quantities. The current capacity allows us to make about 50000 scissors and 75000 forceps a month. We are continuously in the process of expansion of our unit and we are increasing by 10% production capacity each year. Our main focus is also on competitive pricing. We have secured many orders to date and take pride in saying that we have the best quality instruments available at the lowest price possible. We have kept our company office overheads low and due to our bulk buying of materials we get bulk discounts from our suppliers.

Global Presence

As best surgical instruments company in Pakistan, Rigor has proudly manufactured instruments and has exported almost all across the globe. Some of our regular clients are from the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, UAE and Canada. We have sold our instruments to universities, hospitals, distributors, wholesalers and some of the leading brands.