Role of Surgical Instrument Technician in a Surgery or Operation – Part 2

Surgical Instrument Technician

The effectiveness of surgical procedures and the operation of an operating room both depend on the work of a surgical instrument technician. These knowledgeable individuals provide a substantial contribution to the handling, sterilization, and preparation of surgical instruments and equipment. They are essential in keeping the operating room clean and safe, anticipating the needs of the surgical team, and ensuring that the tools are available and work properly. In order to improve patient outcomes and assist the surgical team in providing high-quality patient care, surgical instrument technicians’ knowledge and attention to detail are essential.

Here in this part 2 of the post, we’ll further examine the important duties and contributions made by surgical instrument technicians during an operation or medical procedure.

5. Equipment Troubleshooting: During a surgery, surgical instrument technicians are frequently tasked with identifying and resolving problems with surgical equipment and instruments. They must be familiar with the operation and functionality of numerous surgical tools, including robotic systems, power tools, and laparoscopic instruments. In the event of any technical issues or malfunctions, they fix the issue right away or report it to the relevant staff for resolution.

6. Instrument Maintenance and Inventory Management: Surgical instrument technicians are essential to the upkeep and administration of surgical instruments and equipment. After each procedure, they examine, clean, and store the devices appropriately. Additionally, they help to keep an accurate inventory of surgical equipment by making sure that everything is properly labeled, arranged, and stored. Additionally, they help to keep an accurate inventory of surgical equipment by making sure that everything is properly labeled, arranged, and stored. They keep an eye on the instruments’ availability, spot any that are broken or not working properly, and arrange for replacements or repairs as needed.

7. Follow-through on Safety Protocols: To keep the operating room clean and safe, surgical instrument technologists adhere to stringent safety procedures and infection control measures. To reduce the danger of infection, they make sure that tools are handled, stored, and sterilized appropriately. In order to safeguard themselves and the surgical team from any risks, they also follow aseptic procedures, practice good hand hygiene, and put on personal protective equipment (PPE).

8. Communication and Collaboration: Skillful collaboration and effective communication are crucial for surgical instrument technologists. To ensure that the surgical operation goes smoothly, they collaborate closely with the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical specialists. They inform the surgical team of any changes in tool preferences, needs, and prospective problems. In order to protect the patient and avoid the retention of foreign items, they also help with the pre- and post-procedure counting of tools and sponges.

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