Abdominoplasty Set

  • Scalpel blades #15
  • Scalpel blades #21
  • Scalpel handle, #7
  • Scalpel handle, #4l long
  • Ragnell kilner scissors, 13cm, curved – flattened at distal end
  • Adson delicate tissue and suture forceps, 15cm, 1×2 teeth
  • Adson brown delicate tissue forceps, 12cm, 9×9 teeth, straight – atraumatic
  • Potts smith tissue forceps, 20cm, 1×2 teeth – delicate
  • Allis Tissue Forcep 5X6 teeth, 16cm
  • Wright derf t.c. needle holder, 12.5cm, serrated
  • Mayo hegar t.c. needle holder, 15cm
  • Mayo hegar t.c. needle holder, 23cm
  • Backhaus towel clamp, 8.5cm
  • Joseph skin hook, double prong, sharp, 16cm, 10mm wide
  • Stevens Supercut Tenotomy Scissors, 10.5cm, Curved, Blunt – Delicate
  • Supercut mayo scissors, 14cm, straight
  • Supercut gorney scissors, 23cm, curved
  • Supercut gorney freeman scissors, 23cm, curved “gold tip”
  • Supercut scissors, 20cm, curved, slight bevel on shank, “gold tip”
  • Supercut scissors, 20cm, curved, strong bevel on shank
  • Farabeuf baby retractors, 12cm, double ended, set of 2
  • Israel retractor, 25cm, 6 blunt prongs, 60mm wide x 50mm deep
  • Saldanha solz abdominal retractor, 37cm