Titanium Micro Ball Dissectors 5mm Tip 90 Degree – Neuro Surgical Instrument (RI-1-1140)

Titanium Micro Ball Dissectors are indispensable surgical instruments, particularly in the realm of microsurgery. Constructed from lightweight yet durable titanium, these dissectors feature an ultra-fine, spatula-shaped tip that allows for precise and delicate tissue manipulation. Surgeons rely on them for intricate dissection and retraction of tissues, especially in microsurgical procedures where precision is paramount. Commonly used in neurosurgery, ophthalmic surgery, and various other microsurgical specialties, Titanium Micro Spatula Dissectors emphasize the importance of surgical accuracy and the minimization of tissue trauma. Their lightweight construction and ultra-fine tips contribute to successful patient outcomes in the intricate and specialized field of microsurgery.