Cobb Spinal Elevator 19mm – Neuro Surgical Instrument (RI-1-1074)

The Cobb Spinal Elevator, with a 19mm blade, is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used in orthopedic and spinal procedures. Its design allows for controlled and precise elevation of tissues and bones during surgeries, making it particularly valuable in spinal surgeries where delicate tissue manipulation is essential. Surgeons rely on its durability and ergonomic design, which ensures comfortable handling while providing the necessary precision for tasks such as dissection or tissue separation. Whether used in spinal surgeries for access or other applications, the Cobb Spinal Elevator is a trusted tool that assists surgeons in achieving accurate and controlled outcomes, contributing to the success of surgical procedures in orthopedics and related fields. Its 10mm blade provides the ideal balance between versatility and precision, making it an invaluable instrument in the operating room.