Small Nasal Speculum, 13.5cm – ENT Instrument (RI-900-113)

A nasal speculum is a medical instrument designed for the examination of the nasal passages. This device consists of two hinged blades that can be gently inserted into the nostrils and then expanded to hold them open, providing a clear view of the nasal cavity. Typically crafted from stainless steel, nasal speculums are essential tools in otolaryngology and rhinology, enabling healthcare professionals to visually inspect the nasal structures for abnormalities, such as polyps or deviated septums. The adjustable nature of the blades allows for customization based on the patient’s anatomy, ensuring a comfortable and controlled examination. Nasal speculums play a crucial role in diagnostic procedures and interventions related to nasal health, facilitating a detailed assessment of the nasal passages for accurate medical evaluation.