(Size 4) Decannulation Stopper, Purple Stopper with 40″ Cord, 3/4 Closure – ENT Instrument (RI-900-158)

A decannulation stopper is a medical device designed to temporarily block or close the tracheostomy tube opening, aiding in the process of weaning a patient off a tracheostomy tube. Tracheostomy tubes are inserted into the trachea to assist with breathing, and decannulation refers to the removal of this tube once the patient’s respiratory condition has improved. The decannulation stopper is a crucial component in this transitional phase, allowing healthcare professionals to assess the patient’s ability to breathe independently while providing a means to quickly re-establish the airway if needed. These stoppers are typically made from medical-grade materials, ensuring safety and comfort during the decannulation process. The use of a decannulation stopper is part of a carefully managed procedure to ensure the patient’s successful transition from reliance on a tracheostomy tube to breathing without artificial support.