Pinard Stethoscope – ENT Surgical Instrument (RI-900-14)

The Pinard stethoscope, named after the French obstetrician Adolphe Pinard, is a specialized instrument used in the field of obstetrics for monitoring fetal heartbeats during pregnancy. Unlike traditional stethoscopes, the Pinard stethoscope is characterized by its simple and trumpet-shaped design. It is often crafted from wood or metal and does not incorporate electronic components. Healthcare professionals, particularly midwives and obstetricians, use the Pinard stethoscope by placing the open end against the pregnant woman’s abdomen to listen to the fetal heart sounds. This manual approach provides a non-invasive and gentle way to monitor the well-being of the fetus, offering a more intimate connection between the healthcare provider and the expectant mother. While electronic fetal monitoring is prevalent, the Pinard stethoscope remains a valuable tool, especially in settings where a low-tech and hands-on approach is preferred.