(55cm) Straight, Serrated, Alligator Grasping Forceps, 14 x 2.5mm Tip – ENT Instrument (RI-900-183)

Alligator Grasping Forceps are versatile surgical instruments widely employed in various medical procedures, particularly those involving the retrieval or manipulation of objects within the body. Named for their distinctive resemblance to an alligator’s jaws, these forceps feature serrated, tooth-like tips that securely grasp tissues or foreign bodies during surgeries. The design allows for a firm and controlled grip, minimizing the risk of slippage and facilitating precise maneuvers. Alligator Grasping Forceps find applications in endoscopic procedures, such as gastrointestinal or urological interventions, where their long, slender jaws can reach confined spaces with ease. Their utility extends to tasks like foreign body removal, tissue biopsy, or even securing and manipulating sutures. The robust construction and ergonomic design of these forceps contribute to their effectiveness in a range of medical scenarios, making them indispensable tools for surgeons across various specialties.