Different Types of Surgical Knives According to Their Use

Surgical Knives

Surgical knives, also known as scalpels, are fundamental tools in the field of surgery. They are used by surgeons to produce incisions with the finest accuracy since they are built for precision. These knives are available in a variety of sizes and forms, each one designed for certain surgical operations and specializations. In this thorough blog post, we’ll examine the many kinds of surgical knives, group them according to their intended function, and go over each one’s special characteristics and uses.

1- General Surgical Knives

Scalpel Handle and Blades

Scalpel handles are designed to hold disposable blades. These blades come in various shapes, such as straight, curved, or hooked, and are used in general surgery to make precise incisions.

Disposable Scalpel

Disposable scalpels are pre-assembled with a blade and handle. They are commonly used in various surgical fields for their convenience and sterile nature.

Skin Graft Knife

Skin graft knives have a unique design with a serrated blade that is used to harvest thin layers of skin for grafting procedures, such as in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Butterfly Scalpel

Butterfly scalpels have a butterfly-like shape, allowing for a delicate and controlled incision. They are often used in ophthalmic surgery for procedures involving the cornea.

Microsurgery Scalpel

Microsurgery scalpels are specially designed for microsurgical procedures, such as nerve repair and eye surgery. They are exceptionally fine and precise, enabling the surgeon to work with intricate structures.

2- Orthopedic and Bone Surgery Knives


Osteotomes are used in orthopedic and bone surgery to cut and shape bone. They have a chisel-like design and come in various sizes for different bone types.

Bone Scalpel

Bone scalpels are designed for precise bone cutting and are commonly used in orthopedic and spine surgeries. They are known for their accuracy and reduced trauma to surrounding tissues.

Sagittal Saw

Sagittal saws are electric or pneumatic-powered instruments used in orthopedic surgery to make controlled and precise cuts in bones.

Rib Shears

Rib shears are specialized knives used in thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries to cut and separate ribs for access to the chest cavity.

Periosteal Elevator

Periosteal elevators are instruments used to lift and separate the periosteum (the membrane covering bones) from the bone surface. They are often used in bone surgeries to expose the bone for procedures like grafting.

3- Neurosurgical and Spinal Knives


Curettes are used in neurosurgery and spinal procedures to scrape and remove tissue or bone. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different surgical needs.

Dura Knife

Dura knives are specifically designed for neurosurgery to cut the dura mater (the protective membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord) during procedures like craniotomies.

Penfield Dissector

Penfield dissectors have a flat, spoon-like tip and are used in neurosurgery to gently manipulate and separate delicate brain tissues.

Laminectomy Knife

Laminectomy knives are designed for spinal surgeries, particularly laminectomy procedures. They are used to remove the lamina (the bony arch of the vertebra) to access the spinal canal.

Brain Biopsy Needle

Brain biopsy needles are used in neurosurgery to obtain tissue samples from the brain for diagnostic purposes. They are designed to minimize trauma to surrounding brain tissue.

4- Cardiovascular and Vascular Knives

Aortic Punch

Aortic punches are used in cardiovascular surgery to create holes or remove tissue from the aorta. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different surgical needs.

Vein Strippers

Vein strippers are instruments used in vascular surgery to remove or strip varicose veins. They are designed for precision and minimal trauma to surrounding tissues.

Vascular Dilators

Vascular dilators are used in vascular surgeries to dilate blood vessels, allowing for the insertion of other surgical instruments or grafts.

Artery Forceps

Artery forceps, also known as vascular forceps, are used to grasp and manipulate blood vessels during vascular surgeries. They come in various sizes and designs for different applications.

Vascular Scissors

Vascular scissors are specialized scissors used in vascular surgery to cut blood vessels with precision and minimal trauma.

5- Ophthalmic and Eye Surgery Knives


Keratomes are used in ophthalmic surgery to create incisions in the cornea during procedures like cataract surgery. They are designed for precise and clean cuts.

Crescent Knife

Crescent knives are used in ophthalmic surgery to create specific incisions in the cornea. They have a crescent-shaped blade for precise control.

Lacrimal Probe

Lacrimal probes are used in ophthalmic surgery to examine and manipulate the lacrimal ducts and canaliculi.

Astigmatism Knife

Astigmatism knives are used in ophthalmic surgery to make precise incisions for the correction of astigmatism during procedures like cataract surgery.

Corneal Scissors

Corneal scissors are specialized scissors used in corneal transplant surgeries and other ophthalmic procedures. They are designed to cut corneal tissue with accuracy.

6- Gynecological and Obstetric Knives

Episiotomy Scissors

Episiotomy scissors are used in obstetrics to make a controlled incision in the perineum to facilitate childbirth. They are designed to minimize trauma.

Umbilical Cord Scissors

Umbilical cord scissors are used to cut the umbilical cord during childbirth. They are designed for a clean and safe cut.


Tenaculums are gynecological instruments used to grasp and manipulate the cervix during procedures like IUD placement or cervical biopsies.

Cervical Biopsy Punch

Cervical biopsy punches are used to obtain tissue samples from the cervix for diagnostic purposes. They come in various sizes for different applications.

Vaginal Episiotomy Knife

Vaginal episiotomy knives are designed for episiotomies in obstetrics. They allow for controlled and precise incisions during childbirth.

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