Extra Long Tracheostomy Tube # 7 – ENT Instrument (RI-900-101)

A tracheostomy tube is a specialized medical device designed to provide an open airway for patients who undergo a tracheostomy procedure. This surgical intervention involves creating an opening, known as a tracheostoma, in the front of the neck directly into the trachea. The tracheostomy tube is then inserted into this opening, allowing for a secure and controlled passage of air. These tubes come in various designs, catering to different patient needs, and are typically made from medical-grade materials such as silicone or polyvinyl chloride. The primary functions of a tracheostomy tube include facilitating breathing, aiding in the removal of secretions, and enabling the delivery of ventilatory support when necessary. The design and selection of a tracheostomy tube depend on factors such as the patient’s medical condition, intended use, and duration of tube placement, making it a critical component in the care of individuals requiring prolonged or emergency airway management.